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But I guess if you had to come up with a theoretical way of escaping, I’d be heading to deep water. They are capable swimmers but from my understanding, they rarely go into deep water (unless they’re crossing a body of water). But realistically, you wouldn’t be able to outrun it to get to the water so yeah, you’re dead.

“If I could go back and redo anything, it probably would’ve been to slow down the opening of bars. Now, seeing in the aftermath of how quickly the coronavirus spread in the bar setting and, ya know, a bar setting in reality just doesn’t work with a pandemic,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told CNN affiliate KVIA..

On the other hand, if you’re just interested in discovering interesting stories in a great looking interface, then there are other apps that have been around for a lot longer, and frankly, do a better job. And if you’re looking for a very competent feed reader that will only serve you RSS feeds you’ve chosen, then again, there are plenty of better options. Our current favourite for that role is Feedly it allows you to manage your feeds quite thoroughly, has good desktop and mobile support, and it also has a number of different views for your feeds, which can be customised at the feed level..

The industry services providers are open to who writes the check in today’s music world or shares their revenue streams. However, the service providers prefer working through the marketing or representative arm of an artist. After years of successes working every end of the music industry for labels and all others in between..

Sadly, the three classic books that I read in school and that led me to interests in history often have been censured from education and public libraries by Banned Books Week. The American Library Association reported that 275 books in 2015 were among the 11,000 books banned since 1982. They have been restricted for reasons such as racism, violence, sexism, anti Semitism and other topics dealing with forms of hate.

Is an Apple Music subscription needed to play music on the HomePod?The HomePod requires an Apple Music subscription for you to be able to use its full music functionality. This means that you can’t ask Siri to stream your favourite music tracks if you don’t have Apple Music. At least that’s now available at Rs.

Soon you’ll have your own little inspiration gallery. The inspiration doesn’t have to come from just social media; it can come from nature, books, articles, TV shows, or anything related to the project you’re working on. It doesn’t hurt to be inspired..

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