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During the monthly prayer sessions, people voluntarily offer tea and food to the group. Tsok (blessed cake made of barley flour, butter, sugar and nuts) which is distributed at the conclusion of each session. Under Geshe’s guidance, the members have become adept at chanting various Tibetan prayers and reciting verses from religious texts.

This rehearsal gets outside feedback. Assemble a panel of your expert people (managers, tech specialist, etc.) that are not part of the presentation team but have been prepped and/or have knowledge of the project and know the voters attending. Assign each to act as a mock panel member preferably one they know.

This tornado is the deadliest February tornado for Oklahoma and the 7th deadliest Oklahoma tornado since the 1950s. This tornado first touched down near the intersection of 178th and Western Avenue and after being on the ground for 6.5 miles, it lifted near Waterloo and Broadway. The tornado was 75 yards wide.

The shape of the lot and the slope were irrelevant to the variances Verdi sought. The size of the lot, applying the pertinent floor area ratio limitation of the code, was too small. An undersized lot is not a basis for a variance. Kati Kindschuh of Lomira is the Section 10 State FFA Officer and she kicked off the Quality Milk Auction by selling a cheese basket from her 2 year old cow quality milk to raise money for State Fair Kids and dairy youth in Fond du Lac County. She says being involved in the FFA is a true family affair. Matt Gross of Oakfield FFA says it doesn bother him that the animal he spent so much time with will soon become someone dinner..

The company holding Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish bonds canceled Crish bonds. Crish held two bonds, one for money he handles with a furtherance of justice fund, and another elected officials are required to have. State law requires sheriffs to hold such bonds.

And even the Fab Four faithful might find a few surprises in the often overlooked fare that comprises expectedly wonderful Apple Years: 1968 75. As advertised, the eight disc box resurrects the spiritual singer guitarist first steps outside the Beatle bubble. Timid they were not.

But there might be some areas that could benefit from privatization, or perhaps a public/private cooperation. But from now on, we’ve got to fully study and evaluate these proposals for outcomes that clearly benefit the city. Do you believe the money has been spent wisely and responsibly? Should the City Council and/or the public play a larger role in deciding how TIF money is spent? Should the city reduce the number of TIF districts?I can say with pride that TIF money has been spent wisely and successfully in the 31st Ward.

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