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Louis Saint Laurent should be an interesting riding to watch in the coming weeks. With current NDP MP Alexandrine Latendresse choosing not to run a second time, the front runner is arguably Conservative star candidate Grard Deltell. Rousseau, however, is undaunted.

After that, many options lay before us. Perhaps we’ll rent a kayak to paddle along the river, hire a bike taxi to see the city sights from another angle, or check out Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see the indigenous animals in their care. And, yes, there are koalas and kangaroos.

?Reliance on credit cards t o p a y d a i l y e x p e n s e s , a n d not paying off credit cards in full, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and borrowing to get out of debt are not healthy financial decisions.? Mismanaging your money leads to credit abuse and to the social and physical impacts of debt, Keenan said. Credit Counselling sees increasing debt loads that decrease options. ?Among Canadians, we are seeing a 100 to 160 per cent debt to income ratio.

Always wanted to go to design school. I started sewing when I was seven, she says. Was always something fun that I did When it came to college we couldn afford design school the school I wanted to go to was $20,000 for tuition so my parents said go get a real career first and I went and came back to design and creating again and it always something I came to when I was bored..

‘Hands is an astonishingly self assured debut, stuffed with shiny, catchy pop songs, all of which you can easily imagine blaring out of car radios on a sunny day. The soulful vocals and foot tapping drumbeats are generously souped up with synths and a Japanese instrument called the Tenori On, which is fast becoming Little Boots trademark. Already loved by Bjrk and Peter Gabriel, the Tenori On is an Inspector Gadget style touchscreen with LED switches that are pressed and dragged to create music.

Couldn have accomplished what I have without the support of my family, the backing of a great Board of Directors, and the two women I work with in my office every day Debbie Beaumont and Mariah Goos. I also thankful for the people we work with every day within the community. I may have received the award, but I didn earn it alone.

Introduce numbers in your child play, so long as your child is willing. If your child enjoys playing with cars, put number stickers on the cars and make shoebox garages labelled with numbers or with numbered parking spaces. Shoeboxes could be put in the correct numerical order.

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