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Lisa Murkowski (R Alaska) “angry,” “disturbed,” and “sad,” she told reporters Wednesday night. The video and audio showcased the brutality of some members of the pro Trump mob that stormed the Capitol. In one clip, an officer was shown getting crushed in a doorway, while other videos showed officers getting shoved as they tried to keep rioters back.

Jump Cut manages to be both entertaining and poignant. And of the poignant there is plenty. As a child, Ray, following the untimely death of his mother, resolves to be always “prepared” for everything. Scientists say that while people who remain obese from childhood into adulthood were most at risk of dying, modest weight gains throughout a lifespan can increase the “probability of survival”. Experts said individuals who put on weight in later life often lived longer than those who remained trim. The findings were made following a study based on two generations of Americans followed over nearly seven decades.

Under the proposal, two thirds of voters would have to approve amendments, up from the current 60 percent. The amendment was approved by voters in November. Byron Donalds, R Naples, that would make changes to teacher preparation and teacher certification requirements.

The odds are in NASA’s favour: It’s nailed eight of its nine attempted Mars landings. Despite their differences the 1 ton Perseverance is larger and more elaborate than the Tianwen 1 rover both will prowl for signs of ancient microscopic life. “To say we’re pumped about it, well that would be a huge understatement,” said Lori Glaze, NASA’s planetary science director.

“They were going crazy, holding the babies up and waving to me down on the field,” he said, his eyes watery. “I always blow my wife a kiss before the game. That was so special. You may vote in only one political party’s primary on the August ballot. This Tuesday five political parties will narrow down their candidates for the November Election. You are limited to voting in the primary of only one political party of your choice.

Since the neighborhood meeting postcard went out, Jake and John DeHaven learned from Zoning staff that instead of being reviewed as a restaurant nightclub, per additional staff review, their conditional use request should be for a theater/assembly hall with an accessory/incidental restaurant nightclub use. Given the different definition the project, the public hearing needed to be re noticed and the DeHaven’s agreed to refer until the next Plan Commission meeting. Main Street Conditional Use Convert warehouse into reception hall in Urban Design Dist.

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