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He had called his boss to report the company vehicle had been stolen.On May 9, the Canada Border Services Agency contacted Greater Sudbury Police were about a package being sent to a family member of Anselmo’s from Michigan. An X ray of the package found it contained six 30 clip gun magazines.An undercover operation was then launched, with an officer going to the family member’s address and attempting to deliver the package to Anselmo on May 16.Since Anselmo was not there, he was contacted and showed up to sign for the package. When he did, he was arrested.Anselmo had 15 magazines for Czech guns.A follow up search of Anselmo’s apartment and the rest of the family owned building produced eight magazines for AK type guns; shotgun shells; significant quantities of ammunition, including 920 .762 rounds and 109 .556 rounds ; the Mossberg shotgun ( unloaded) and the .308 rifle (which had three bullets in it); and 43 marijuana plants about six inches in height.Harsaschuk said the magazines being imported into Canada were capable of holding 30 rounds, but it was Anselmo’s intention of riveting them down to only hold five..

As predicted, the defense team for Trump’s impeachment trial was a fucking disaster (just like their employer), and they wrapped their case in just three hours today with a high pitched, lie filled, illogical screed (also just like their employer). Frankly, their defense was just too insultingly stupid to repeat here and it doesn’t matter because the Republicans are going to acquit their dear leader anyway, probably on Saturday. The good news is, and the GOP senators agree, the Democrats damning case has virtually destroyed Trump’s chances of ever getting the Republican nomination for president..

As a certified PC old timer this really isn true. Before the PS4 and Xbox One games were made for consoles first and sometimes got dumped on PC with varying degrees of quality. There were a few exceptions to that, but mostly the PC crowd just got the table scraps of consoles and a splattering of MMOs..

The Mavericks Independent Baseball League will feature top level non drafted and released players who hope to someday reach the Major Leagues.The 4 Team League will feature the return of the Portland Mavericks, a notorious and iconic team from the 1970’s. In addition to the Portland Mavericks, the League will be highlighted with the return of the Salem Senators a historic a. Full StorySpokane Indians Remember Tommy LasordaJanuary 8, 2021 SPOKANE, Wash.

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