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Choose between double cake layers with a single filling layer ($55 58), or triple cake layers with two filling layers ($85 88). Cake orders must be submitted at least one week in advance of pick up; Lucky Candy cake is available starting Feb. 12, all other cakes are available through Feb.

These days, nothing sparks joy quite like the phrase add to cart. Just in our hour of need, Labor Day Weekend is upon us and serving up three full days of online shopping potential. Whether you searching for an autumn essential or on the lookout for end of summer sales, we curated some of the best.

For as long as the boil water notice stays inyesterday’s Newsline story about the boil water notice forGordon Campbell: On Why The Reserve Bank Won’t Be Spooked By Inflation Making A Comeback One year into the pandemic, people are still getting sick and dying at different rates according to their age, gender, ethnic background and income level and those same patterns have been evident in the economic impacts of the virus as well. For example: in yesterday’s statement by US Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, he pointed out that “Aggregate employment has declined 6.5 percent since last February, but the decline in employment for workers in the top quartile of the wage distribution has been only 4 percent, while the decline for the bottom quartile has been a staggering 17 percent. More>>.

It was clearly wholly inappropriate for Ray to do that but he is single minded and seems not to understand that other people feel differently about what is important on Prototech. I don think he was deliberately being an arse. I think he just wasn able to understand the other person viewpoint and couldn see why they wouldn put working on Prototech at the top of his (I think it was a him) list of priorities.

“The health and safety of our student athletes and all those connected to Pac 12 sports continues to be our No. 1 priority,” Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott said in a statement. “Our decisions have and will be guided by science and data, and based upon the trends and indicators over the past days, it has become clear that we need to provide ourselves with maximum flexibility to schedule, and to delay any movement to the next phase of return to play activities.”.

Furthermore, large scale physical models of the PES were designed and constructed to compare the performance of the thermally modified pavement structures with those of conventional ones and also to validate the model. The physical model consisted of copper pipes embedded in pavements which were irradiated (causing surface heating) using halogen lamps.The results of thermo physical optimisation of pavement materials, coupled with mechanical testing, showed that it was possible to achieve a wide range of thermally modified pavements that can also meet the rigorous functional requirements of an airfield pavement. The experimental comparison between the thermally modified and unmodified concrete pavements revealed that there was potential to enhance both the heat collection and storage capability of concrete pavement structures.

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