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However, due to the faulty metrics, Facebook counted all those extra reactions under the section as well, which skewed the numbers greatly. Facebook has fixed the issue and broadcasters can now expect to see a 25 percent drop in “Reactions from Shares of Post” count. Meanwhile, their “Reactions on Post” count will increase around 500 percent..

Obesity. Flaxseed may help reduce body weight, body mass index (BMI), and waist size in adults who are overweight or obese. Taking at least 30 grams of flaxseed per day for at least 12 weeks seems to work best. Officers responded to a broken down vehicle on Mountain View Road. It was occupied by a female who was seven months pregnant. The woman said she was out of fuel.

Amal and Tianwen 1 will also need to operate autonomously while manoeuvring into orbit. Until Perseverance, NASA sought out flat, boring terrain on which to land “one giant parking lot,” Chen said. That what China Tianwen 1 rover will be shooting for in Mars Utopia Planitia.

Madison Water Utility has included $8.6 million in our Capital Budget plan for construction of an iron and manganese treatment facility at Well 19 in 2023. Pilot testing at the well shows radium levels would also be reduced through this type of treatment.Well 19 primarily serves parts of the UW Madison Campus near Picnic Point. It also contributes some water to the State Langdon and Regent neighborhoods at times..

This study was designed to examine the independent contribution of prosodic sensitivity the rhythmic patterning of speech to word reading and spelling in a sample of early readers. Ninety three English speaking children aged five to six years old (M = 69.28 months, SD = 3.67) were assessed for their prosodic sensitivity, vocabulary knowledge, phonological, and morphological awareness (predictor variables) along with their word reading and spelling (criterion variables). Bivariate (zero order) correlation analyses revealed that prosodic sensitivity was significantly associated with all other variables in this study.

King cross examined Officer Wozniak, asking if the scene had been tampered with at all before he arrived. Wozniak did say the taped off crime scene area was initially smaller until they found the shell casings, but he said that happens often at crime scenes as police search the area and discover more evidence. King asked if it was possible someone had kicked, accidentally moved or stepped on the shell casings while they were outside the crime scene tape.

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