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The 34 athletes lined up on the Plains of Abraham for the start of the ITU Winter Triathlon Elite races were among the best in their sports. Quebecer Marc Andr Bdard and Slovak Duan Simocko are world class biathletes. New Brunswick born Quebecer Jol Bourgeois is a two time track Olympian.

“For the on site program, we’ll create lessons that revolve around hands on activities and/or real world observations,” Folta says. “Each lesson will focus on a specific area in the Zoo. To supplement the lessons, we’ll develop ‘inquiry packs’ that include tools, artifacts, handouts and other materials that will further engage students and offer additional opportunities to learn using the Zoo’s facilities..

In Marge life, Biscuit is her blessing her She seeks a reason to celebrate her dog. You may find it offensive, but Bark Mitzvahs have become an accepted rover ritual, according to Forward, a Jewish journal. Reporter Rachel Zuckerman wrote that Bark Mitzvahs offer an excuse to celebrate canine family members, and for temples to raise money in a wholesome way through outdoor activities..

They’re looking for volunteers to help people fill out their tax returns. Students Nova Scotia have released their recommendations for the provincial budget. Chair Annie Sirois tells us what they have in mind. I am wishing nothing sinister but no democracy in the history of mankind has survived when there have bee more have nots than haves. The United States has an additional problem other than finamcial disparity. The cultural differences among among its citizens will play a key role in bringing this mongrel nation to its knees..

Is true even though the employee alone may have an immediate stake in the outcome; he seeks or protection against a perceived threat to his employment security. The union representative whose participation he seeks is, however, safeguarding not only the particular employee interest, but also the interests of the entire bargaining unit by exercising vigilance to make certain that the employer does not initiate or continue a practice of imposing punishment unjustly. The representative presence is an assurance to other employees in the bargaining unit that they, too, can obtain his aid and protection if called upon to attend a like interview.

Tim: Hi Anna Marie. Oh, we get to talk to our family from the space station. We can call them and once a week we get a video conference with them as well. I’m either on a plane, or on set, or with my children. There have been people in my life who’ve tried to set me up, and if a friend said: ‘I know someone amazing’, I would show up. But here’s the thing: I’ve got three children.

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