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After this landmark show, recontextualizing works of art (and in turn our interpretations of them) through bold curatorial juxtaposition became Wilson’s signature. Just one look at the well known image from “Mining’ of Wilson’s display of slave shackles and elaborate silver tea goblets together in the same display case is really all you need to start reconsidering the notions of historical accuracy, authenticity, and truth. History is written by the winners as they say..

Means that for us, functionally speaking, there is no Creator, because He can touch the system that creates Him and still maintain the continuity of infinite “time”, which is how He came about in the first place. It means that we will never see or experience the end result of our contribution to the “process”. It puts God at the end of an infinite tunnel, and nothing less than God can reach infinity.

“It’s truly a piece of Detroit that needs and wants to live on. The owners are just ready to retire and hoping to find somebody that wants to possibly reopen the soda shop, as well as continue manufacturing the ice cream, spumoni and chocolates. There’s even a refrigerator truck as part of the package.”.

Wei Hui’s “body writing” shares the same materialistic emphasis as New York “Brat Pack” writing but in their criticism of material excess, their approaches are different. Part II of the dissertation draws on the work of Qiu Xiaolong and Linda Fairstein. By introducing a comparative analysis, this dissertation demonstrates that the shared themes of commodification and crime need to be contextualized within the two cities in order to understand the varied manifestations of the ongoing process of urbanization and its consequences for the literatures and cultures of New York and Shanghai..

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I tried zoloft and some green pill but they had terrible side effects or just werent doin it for me. The advice my psych gave to me was to hit him up, say that the meds aint doin it, and then taper off the medicine slowly until you can get a prescription for a new one to run the gamut with. (cold turkey ing an antidepressant is bad, your body just goes wild n you feel like even more shit than if you werent on the antidepressant in the first place.) follow the advice of your psych, not your parents.

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