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Floors 2 5 of the building will be L shaped and include the remaining 102 apartments and residential amenities, including a second floor lounge and a fifth floor community room and roof deck, all of which will be located at the corner of the building overlooking the E Washington Milwaukee intersection. The 105 dwelling units proposed will consist of four (4) efficiency units, 72 one bedroom units, 22 two bedroom units, and seven (7) three bedroom units. A variety of recessed and projecting balconies are proposed to provide open space for the dwelling units on the upper floors, while the three first floor units along Milwaukee Street will have direct entrances from the public sidewalk with front stoops.

They use emotive language and sob stories to manipulate, persuade and exploit people. They may claim that they need money urgently for medical care or transport costs to visit the victim.The Online Dating Association (ODA) estimates more than 2.3 million people across Britain used dating apps during the initial coronavirus lockdown, with 64 per cent of those surveyed seeing dating apps as a lifeline for those living alone.The ODA found half (53%) of people it surveyed are having longer conversations on dating services during lockdown.UK Finance is now urging people to look out for their friends and family this Valentine Day.Warning signs could include someone being very secretive about their relationship or giving excuses for why their online partner has not video called or met them in person.Online daters should not send any money, allow the other person to access their bank account, transfer money or take out a loan on the other person behalf, hand over copies of personal documents such as their passport or driving licence, or invest money on the other person advice.Fraudsters may also use fake profile photos. Performing a reverse image search on a search engine can help to show whether a photo has been copied from elsewhere.Katy Worobec, managing director of economic crime at UK Finance, said: “Romance scams can leave customers out of love and out of pocket, but there are steps people can take to keep themselves or their family and friends safe both on and offline.”People can help their loved ones spot the signs of a scam, particularly as romance scammers can be very convincing by forming an emotional attachment with their victims.”Pauline Smith, head of Action Fraud, said: “The national lockdowns, and other restrictions on our social lives, implemented because of the coronavirus outbreak, have meant more people have been seeking companionship online and this has undoubtedly affected the number of reports we have seen..

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