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Late in their lives, stars with masses up to eight times that of the Sun become red giants and lose a large amount of their mass in a dense stellar wind. During the red giant stage stars also periodically undergo thermal pulses. These are short lived phases of explosive helium burning in a shell around the stellar core.

For special occasions such as prom or a graduation party, clip in colored hair is the perfect expression of your individual style. Hand them out to friends and family to create a theme for the day or evening. What a great way to add glamour to your look without a lot of time, trouble and expense.

Tomorrow evening, Hollywood’s brightest and best will gather at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills for the annual Golden Globes awards. It’s one of the biggest nights on the a list calendar, second only to the Oscars and perhaps the Met Gala. But this year’s ceremony is set to be different.

Winners also will receive an all expenses paid trip to Kissimmee, Fla., for an awards presentation during the Fall National College Media Convention, co sponsored by the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Advisers, Oct. 31 Nov. 3. Majola said the CSA’s members forum, comprising all CSA affiliates, dismissed the criticisms by GCB against the management of the 2009 IPL by CSA, the IPL and the BCCI. “They [GCB] were instructed to apologise to all these parties and as yet no apology has been forthcoming,” he told Cricinfo. “GCB has called for a dispute with CSA to be declared, and this has pushed the matter into the legal arena and will be dealt with by CSA’s management committee.”.

That said, they all admit that four women starring in their comedy show, dressing up and goofing around is a televisual rarity. “Sometimes that’s fear as well,” adds Lowe. “Men think they can’t write a woman being stupid or bigoted because it will be politically incorrect.

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The trip, which was the program’s first international experience, was funded by generous donations from several local individuals and businesses. The faculty and students would like to thank the Irving K. Investments Inc., Brent Petrick of Smoky Woodlot Management, Kalesnikoff Lumber, Zellstoff Celgar, MP Alex Atamanenko, Max Ice and Selkirk College’s Woodlot 400 for their kind support.

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