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Officer Matthew Wozniak testified next. He is an LPD officer and is a crime scene investigator. He said he was the CSI on call the night of August 2nd. Four Quarter Bar has a grilled cheese sandwich that comes with chips for $4.50, which sounds like a great idea for my Cheap Eats story, so I get that to go plus smoked wings ($10.50 for an order of 10), which were amazing and came with three dipping sauces: buttermilk, house BBQ and spicy BBQ. I finish all 10 wings and about half of the grilled cheese sandwich and do not feel good about myself. It’s fine, though, because I skipped toast with my eggs this morning and had a smoothie yesterday..

There is 1GB of RAM onboard, and the VT85C includes 4GB of inbuilt storage which is further expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. The tablet offers Wi Fi, GPS, AGPS, micro USB and 3G (SIM only) connectivity options. The tablet packs 3000mAh battery.

As far as glasses for girls, the trends tend to be more of a focus than comfort. Pallets like beige or grey tend to be worn as professional wear frames. On a lighter side, informal eyeglass frames with floral, zebra prints, or funky colors are in style.

“This had nothing to do with their performances.” The layoffs will save UNBC about $800,000. Exactly how much UNBC is in the red was not immediately available but Payne indicated it’s in the range of $2 4 million. The layoffs cover four exempt positions including vice president Tim Tribe and five unionized.

These gas remote control cars are notable for their speed, too. As we all know, speed is extremely vital if you are into car racing. A very speedy RC car stirs up the excitement of its owner and the people who are watching a race. Vivo didn’t reveal any further details or concrete availability schedule for its first commercial 5G smartphone. However, it did display various 5G applications, including 5G Cloud Game, 5G Screen Mirroring, and 5G EasyShare. Particularly the 5G Cloud Game was demonstrated to offer high quality gaming experience directly from the cloud via 5G network..

13 vs. Los Angeles) have been postponed as a result of the NHL’s COVID Protocols. A decision on the three teams’ resumption of practice and game play will be made by the League’s, NHLPA’s and Clubs’ medical groups in the coming days. Body dissatisfaction plays a prominent role in gender dysphoria. Body dissatisfaction, in some individuals, appears to manifest disordered eating in order to supress bodily features of natal gender and accentuate features of gender identity. To date, there has been no systematic review of the literature pertaining to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in trans individuals.

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