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Kicking off Greene will come to be remembered as another inflection point in the steady unraveling of institutional norms on Capitol Hill. That said, we believe that Republicans should have taken matters into their own hands and denied Greene her committee assignments to draw a line against malicious lunacy in their own ranks. That Democrats had a gun to his head with their threat to have a floor vote on Greene’s committee assignments probably made it more politically difficult for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to act on his own.

This article examines the construction of the postwar British family in amateur film with reference to the Sidney Lane and Cecil Scrutton collection held at the East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA), particularly the films covering 1948 1961. Heather Norris Nicholson argues that home movies contribute to ‘an understanding of leisure and visual related practices of consumption as well as the social processes by which people came to give themselves, and others, identities’ in the mid twentieth century (Nicholson, 2004, p. 323).

For lunch I go to Vino’s and get the lunch special. I order a slice of cheese which comes with a salad and a drink for $8 dollars and change. While placing the order, the guy on the phone asks me what I want to drink and I tell him Dr. He chose the Super Bowl (and was subsequently and suspiciously nominated for no Grammys soon after). One can make any number of assumptions as to why he chose the show. Very rarely does an artist get a chance to navigate their discography on such a broad scale, for hundreds of millions of devoted fans and new audiences alike.

The Government of Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) will improve the degree of protection against hazardous chemicals. It includes a number of new, proactive measures to make sure that chemical substances are managed properly. This plan will also improve the conditions for business in Canada by ensuring a level playing field and a predictable, science based regulatory regime and builds on Canada’s position as a global leader in the safe management of chemical substances and products..

The 30 day suspension was given to Lt. Donald Jones, who supervised the officers seen in the video. Records show internal affairs investigators sustained several allegations against Jones, among them bringing discredit to the department for entering the office without permission and leaving it in disarray, and being inattentive to duty for failing to adequately supervise the officers on his team..

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