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Gerdts visited theatre classes taught by Naomi Baker and Robin Reese, an Ivyside Dance Ensemble rehearsal with Caitlin Osborne, and a human development and family studies class taught by Lauren Jacobson. A series of afternoon and evening workshops drew students from a variety of academic disciplines as well as Baker’s INART 100H students. The workshops included “The Artist As Citizen,” “Creative Teaching Methods,” “Building Community Across Cultures,” and “Creating New Works with ASTEP.”.

Live in the rochester studio deedee stiepan kimt news 3. / thank you deedee. Not everyone is convinced the consequences of the tariffs will be severe. “Craig always had a gleam in his eye and he always brought enthusiasm and energy to his responsibilities,” says Perra, who was president at Selkirk College for 20 years between 1980 and 2000. “He is a caring individual and he took an interest in his staff, students and colleagues. He took on new activities willingly and carried them out with diligence and passion.”.

After all, the FMLA passed in 1993. At the time, it was an important step forward for our country, but it is nowhere near enough. For instance, the law is not comprehensive; many workers across the country are ineligible under the law and don’t qualify to receive unpaid time off, and the FMLA does little to help Americans who cannot afford to take unpaid time off..

FNST 287: Introduction to Indigenous Teachings and Practices will provide students with an introduction to Indigenous studies, including key concepts, themes and topics relevant to Indigenous histories and contemporary practices. Core teachings of the Medicine Wheel and practices which support right relationship with the four elements of life will be explored. The history and impact of colonialism, residential schools and oppression will be explored through story and the use of talking circles as a restorative justice healing practice.

Parmi ses ralisations de l’an 1, le CISSSMO indique aussi l’ajout de 32 places d’hbergement pour ains avec l’intgration de l’hpital Sainte Anne dans l’ouest de Montral. terme, ce sont 128 nouvelles places qui seront disponibles. Une amlioration qui sera bnfique pour l’hpital du Surot Salaberry de Valleyfield en rduisant le nombre de ses chambres occupes par des patients exigeant des soins de longue dure.

God help us all, and somebody please make sure that $20 billion is invested well to pay for our cancer treatments 10 20 years down the road. Your goverenmnent gave BP permission to drill off your coast and chose, as they always do, not to push inspections and to make sure the oil rig was operating safely. It all about money and you don care how the oil and money gets to you so long as it does.

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