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Par la suite, dans le dsordre, il y a l’arthrose, l’arthrite, la fibromyalgie, les migraines et maux de tte, sans oublier les suites d’oprations qui laissent des problmes de douleurs chroniques. C’est le mme phnomne que nous retrouvons dans les suites de traitements de diffrents cancers, dtaille t elle. Les maladies inflammatoires de l’intestin comme la maladie de Crohn et le syndrome du clon irritable font aussi partie de la liste..

If one took even a cursory glance at the many Strivectin reviews found on the Internet and in dermatology offices, a wealth of positive responses would be found. It is one of the most popular options currently on the market for wrinkles and stretch marks. Indeed, Strivectin has become a revolutionary new alternative to painful skin peels, Botox injections, and more costly skin creams and facials..

Candidates will be allowed to bypass the state’s caucus and convention system and instead compete in a primary election if they gather enough signatures. Constitution ensures political parties the right to choose how it selects its candidates. That case is still pending in federal court..

Supernanny blogger and Mum Sue Macleod works four days a week as a marketing manager in London. She says the multiple demands of a family and job can be overwhelming. “We’re all trying to be Superwoman. Decorative fish ponds are very popular for beatifying a backyard landscape. In order to also have an ecologically successful pond, there are certain factors to be aware of. If you are going to use fish for decoration, you need to know what to do to keep them healthy.

The new Medical Fee Schedule replaces an out of date fee schedule and was developed in response to legislation requiring the Industrial Commission to revise its medical fee schedule to use current Medicare reimbursement rates and payment methodologies. These fee schedule changes reflect a compromise agreement between insurance carriers, hospitals, physicians, and other medical care providers. As a result, maximum fees for hospitals and other institutional providers are set to decrease, while fees for physicians, nurses, and other professional providers will increase.

Never mind the bollocks, here Sleaford Mods. Duo is that frontman Jason Williamson barking jabber owes a sizeable debt to one John Lydon (with slightly smaller tributes due Shaun Ryder, John Cooper Clarke and Mark E. Smith). The method involves taking pictures of an object under normal studio lighting conditions, then digitally manipulating the images to produce false color infrared. Writing inks from late antiquity through the Middle Ages typically appear brownish black in normal light but show up as different colors under false color infrared. By applying this technique to the Libraries’ ancient papyri, the team hopes to contribute to what is known about the development of writing technology in the ancient world..

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A partnership agreement will provide a written structure for your business clearly setting out each partner’s responsibilities, rights, profit/liability sharing, rules relating to business entry and exit, and also the terms on which disputes are resolved and the partnership can be terminated. Carefully drafted, it will ensure that you have a common vision for the business with mutually agreed goals. Critically, it will help avoid costly misunderstandings and conflict.

Don let your child strain when they sit to poo. Of course, a little bit of pushing can be necessary for a normal bowel movement, but if your child is grunting, straining and forcing, it a sign that either they’re not quite ready to go, or are somewhat constipated. Have them drink a big glass of water, eat a piece of fruit and then try again in ten or twenty minutes..

With the humidity being as low as it is right now it going to ignite a grass fire and when you ignite a grass fire then you have potential for a lot of other problems.”While it normally legal to shoot fireworks in the county it is illegal for any one to shoot fireworks during a burn ban.Ellis reminds Ardmore residents that it is illegal to shoot fireworks anywhere in the city limits of Ardmore at anytime.Ellis says the best bet for holiday fireworks is to find a professional display. Meredith Saldana, KTEN NewsFreezing drizzle, icy roads across TexomaFreezing drizzle, icy roads across TexomaA Winter Weather Advisory was in effect for portions of the KTEN viewing area through noon Sunday.A Winter Weather Advisory was in effect for portions of the KTEN viewing area through noon Sunday. (Garvin County Jail)Brandon Cross appeared in court with his attorney Friday after a warrant for his arrest was issued two days earlier.

The past few weeks have certainly provided CANWARN spotters with lots of weather to report. We had some significant snowfalls, a notable ice storm, lots of rain and our first tornado of the year. On March 16, an Enhanced Fujita Scale One (EF1) tornado occurred near the community of Clifford to the west of Mount Forest with peak winds estimated between 155 and 175 km/h.

The team they connected with helped prepare documents, helped intubate two of the patients, along with arranging a life flight transport. One man who helped make the e emergency service a reality at this local hospital says it was amazing to hear how much this helped that day. Walter its just gave me goosebumps to think about that, thinking these are five lives, five individuals.

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The best news is that you can score a pair of sunnies for $15. That’s less than what you may find at mass retail stores. Be prepared to walk out of Cuffs with a whole new wardrobe. On Monday, as Essex OPP officers took statements from the home’s owners, a work crew with Paul Davis Restoration Inc. Was busy ripping out destroyed flooring and emptying the home of its soaking contents. The backyard was filling up with junked furniture, mattresses and other items, while inside, where there was a terrible reek, sodden bits of collapsed ceiling were piled on the floor, and downstairs the flooring was buckled and the streaked walls showed signs of water damage..

I’m pretty terrible. Maybe if you back me into a corner. Being kissed by fire is part of the reason wildlings respect Ygritte. Let us not forget the other great religion that used to proudly control much of the Western and Eastern World: Christianity. The Christian directive towards men and women dressing decently and modestly is something well documented and indeed most visibly demonstrated by Christian nuns. More relevantly to the issue of covering the hair, neck and face, followers of the more orthodox Eastern Churches will be most accustomed to Epanokamelavkion and other forms of covering for nuns and monks.

When I was growing up, we did not have the hockey schools like we had today and I found it always challenging to keep up to the players from Toronto or the bigger cities in Canada and the states as they had more access and exposure than we do in Sault Ste. Marie. Scholarship somewhere.

B. A Home Security Device such as the Watchdog is ideal for home protection, because it accomplishes what even the best living, breathing watchdog cannot do. Rex electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Watch Dog Home Security Device can “see” through thick doors, walls and glass.

Un sexto est un message caractre sexuel, rotique, pornographique ou intime, accompagn ou non d’une photo. Il peut tre envoy par texto, par une application de messagerie, sur un rseau social ou autre. Le phnomne du sextage est banalis chez les jeunes et prend de l informe la police de Chteauguay..

You look like mostly alone for beading detail, and leather all over the place. How do you see your dog are not only skirt with Nike Your brand also. The chapters, which play out very similar the tire automatically teddy fat/obese/chubby and all will be well!.

Cavallo and hitting instructor Amanda Haverman are seeing this team hard work pay off. So far this season, the Spartans have won 7 straight games. Monday, the Spartans tallied 32 hits and outscored Howard 31 to 2 in a double header. The darker or lighter the atmosphere is, the more or less the dye reacts. In very bright conditions, the lenses will be extremely dark to protect you from exposing your eyes to too much sunlight. The darker it is, the less the photochromic dye reacts, and the lighter your lenses will be, allowing you to see in dark settings..

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In Greater Victoria, condos usually run 700 to 800 square feet, with entry level prices between $250,000 to $350,000, Blender said. The information below will be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you. You can always change the information you share with us by editing your profile.

Thanks, in part, to the evil street code there been 59 homicides so far in 2016 compared to 42 at this time last year. Toronto 59th murder, of an American tourist, happened on the same night as this violence just north in Little Italy. So far this year Toronto has had 359 shootings compared to 248 at this time in 2015.

See Still v. Commissioner of the Dept. Of Employment Training, 423 Mass. Oakley never places any type of stickers on the glasses not even on prescription frames. Fakes may have a sticker stating “Genuine Oakley.” If you require prescription glasses, the lenses will be manufactured and fitted by Oakley and mailed directly to you. She is a nutrition counselor by trade, specializing in weight management.

Favourite Let Talk Science volunteering activity: I would say my favorite volunteering activity thus far has been writing new articles for the website with the help of the CurioCity editing team. I enjoy searching for complex topics that others would enjoy and finding ways to simplify it so students can understand it better. My favorite article is the one that I am currently working on about organelles.

The Vetlesen Prize is given “for scientific achievement resulting in a clearer understanding of the Earth, its history, or its relations to the universe.” It was established in 1959 by the trustees of the estate of G. Unger Vetlesen, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States who became a leading shipbuilder, World War II military leader and pioneer in transatlantic air travel. Vetlesen passed away in 1955.

Natural gas imports, and all that growth was in the form of very costly liquefied natural gas. We were going to be importing very large volumes of oil as far as the eye could see. All that has turned around very quickly. “A lot of parties agree on some of the major topics. Everyone agrees that hydro bills are too high. I don’t need to get into that,” says Elizabeth de Viel Castel.

A good online passport expediting resource will have all the pertinent info on needs on USA passport regulations. Passports may seem like they involve a lot of red tape, but they are useful documents to have. Passports allow one to experience the freedom and joy of international travel; with so many low web fares available these days, keeping one’s passport current allows one to take advantage of affordable travel deals..

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Regular and original prices reflect offering prices in effect during the 90 days before or after this sale, but not necessarily during the past 30 days. Savings may not be based on actual sales. Intermediate markdowns may have been taken. Price’s technique is based on a shoulder dominated stroke. His arms, shoulders, and putter move away from the ball as a single unit, with the hands remaining passive. He keeps his wrist firm during the stroke.

When evaluating the sufficiency of a complaint pursuant to Mass. R. Civ. And that is what is going to take the most time in healing. And I am going to be there with him every step of the way. So I will do my best to keep you all informed.. Si le rve olympique s’est loign, Soucisse et Firus ont gagn leur ticket pour de prestigieuses comptitions. Qualifis dans l’quipe nationale, ils ont t dsigns pour reprsenter le Canada au Championnat des 4 continents, Taipei, en Chine, du 22 au 27 janvier. Cette comptition de niveau international est une comptition d Elle va leur permettre de se positionner sur la scne internationale et, qui sait, peut tre qu pourraient accder aux Championnats du monde qui auront lieu en Italie fin mars, fait part Nathalie Guay, mre de l’athlte..

Happily, a new solution has recently emerged. Thanks to the innovation and dedication of a handful of automotive aftermarket experts, a new array of online parts stores has in very short order turned the car parts market on its head. The result is that, if you know where to look, you can now find all the parts you need at prices you deserve, in practically no time at all..

In 1952, he sang “Seek Ye the Lord” with the choir at Second Presbyterian Church for the opening of the new sanctuary. He and his bride, Dorothy, were married at Second in April 1954. He won first place twice on the Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour in 1956.

Enjoy Liam chat with a young, spirited Chef with culinary talent that shines on every single plate.Foodie Chap Visits Chef Tiyo Shibabaw at Teni East KitchenEnjoy Liam conversation with a global chef making her mark with flavorful, thoughtful cuisine with heart and soul at Teni East Kitchen in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood.Black History Month: 5 Destinations For African American Culture HistoryFive recommended American cities to visit during Black History Month.5 Surprise Romantic Getaways In The USCelebrate Valentine Day or any other romantic occasion by visiting any of these five American destinations.America 5 Best Comfort Food SpotsFive of the nation traditional and very special places where comfort foods are served. Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies.Take A Trip Back In Time To See The BeatlesIn the English city where they were born and rose to fame, tourists can take a trip back in time to meet “The Beatles.”Sources told KPIX 5 that that Google is building a floating marketing center for Google Glass off Treasure Island. (CBS)Google’s floating marketing center for Google Glass being built off Treasure Island.

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More than 12 artists will have open studios during Boneyard including Laura L. Reiss, Kim Kissinger Marino, Christina Nordholm, Lisa Kesler, Robert Chapman, Beth Darling, Hilary Pope, Melissa Mitchell, Suzanne Loechl, Dennis Lewis, Jess Beyler, Jan Adams, and Felice Kauffmann. Visit the studios where Lincoln Building artists produce their pieces.

Is] the kind of chick that tries to be pretty and be taken care of by someone else,’ she said. That’s why I think it’s hilarious if people say that my body looks masculine or something like that.’Harsh words: This woman said Ronda is ‘far too masculine’ to be considered ‘even remotely pretty’Many fans applauded Ronda’s attitude and confidence in the face of hurtful words, which several people on Twitter shared leading up to her fight with Beth.’Ronda Rousey is disgustingly manly how can people find her attractive? [sic]’ one man on Twitter wrote recently, while another added: ‘Ronda Rousey has it wrong, it’s not her body that’s too masculine (although it is kinda) it’s her face [sic].’Someone else noted: ‘Ronda Rousey is not attractive to me I don’t see what some of yall dudes see in her she look straight manly to me. [sic]’But not everyone is thrilled with the sentiment expressed on the shirt; several people have taken to social media to lambaste the sports star for her harsh use of words.'”Do nothing bh” already needs to go,’ one person wrote.

“While there is no government sanctioned opening up, there is a de facto opening up,” says Armstrong. “North Koreans get more information from the outside world today than they did a decade ago. That affects their views even if they can’t say so openly.

And Salvati, L. And Sandri, M. And Santos, D. A 2004 graduate of Columbia College with a degree in Russian history, Weilerstein is an American cellist who has earned widespread praise for playing that combines a natural virtuosic command and technical precision with impassioned musicianship. She made her Cleveland Orchestra debut at age 13, playing the Tchaikovsky “Rococo” Variations, and made her Carnegie Hall debut with the New York Youth Symphony in March 1997. She has appeared with the major orchestras and renowned conductors of the United States and Europe, while also finding time to return to campus for solo concerts.

Play that back, sounds good, said Shero when asked what his sales pitch might be to free agents. Think we in a really good position. I think we have a really good team, we well coached, we have great ownership and a beautiful building as everybody sees.

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There’s a decent chance you and I are going to die unpleasantly, whether prematurely or at a ripe old age. There just aren’t that many good ways to go. But there are two ways to sidestep, to some extent, this problem: palliative care and assisted suicide.

It seems we are going backward. If you don have a train to run, it makes it difficult to grow ridership, doesn it? We have only had a couple seasons with the new coaches. These things take time. Each partner’s civil liability for the Partnership’s debts is limited to the amount subscribed to but unpaid. If the Partnership appoints an independent administrator, his/her name must also be registered. No meetings are required if the Partnership has 5 members or less.

Oolong tea has been known by most Asians for its health benefits for decades now. Most people in China, Japan and Korea enjoy the refreshing tea for its unique taste, but many are also taking this amazing tea for weight loss. Today, the number of drinkers from North America and Europe are increasing daily, as more people become aware of its health benefits..

10. Play time according to child development specialists must be a reward and not a right. Set down the video gaming time say 30 mins thrice a week or everyday depending on your personal choices. Eva var alles yndling. Hun var en utpreget kunstnersjel og kunne b tegne og male, men det var musikk som l hennes hjerte n I mai 1887 debuterte hun som romansesangerinne og fikk flotte kritikker. Eva og Fridtjof forlovet seg 1.

The histoy of diamond engagement ingsMaximian I of Astia gave the fist diamond engagement ing on ecod apt May of Bgndy surrounded 1477.Holland Home Shirt time and watch great because at all times you favor apt use it. Carpets are cleaned, filters are changed, tubs scrubbed, lawns . The histoy of diamond engagement ingsMaximian I of Astia gave the fist diamond engagement ing aboard ecod to May of Bgndy in 1477.Holland Shirt advocate this kind of install These pills are singular quite much superlative because loosing surplus body heaviness from the body.

Those at mn dot say the city of lyle has never brought up concerns but every time an accident happens they re evaluate the scene. / / roads lyle stngr 2 and it’s not just the proximately to the school that is a concern. K i m t’s brooke mckivergan is looking into the road conditions on highway 218 now and at the time of the crash.

A survey of modern Canada from confederation to the end of the second millennium. The post 1867 consolidation of a transcontinental Canada, the marginalization of aboriginal peoples, and the rapid transformation of Canadian society by immigration, industrialization, urbanization, the two world wars, and the Great Depression are examined. The effects of broad economic and social change on party politics, relations between French and English Canada, and the attitudes, values, and living and working patterns of Canadians are also explored..

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Quand la nouvelle de la disparition du dissident a atteint le village, des voyous la solde des policiers auraient fait irruption en pleine nuit chez lui. Dans une lettre ouverte publie cette semaine dans le New York Times, Chen raconte comment aucun de ces hommes n’tait en uniforme, ni mme muni de mandat d’arrestation. Dans l’altercation qui a suivi, le neveu de Chen Guangcheng a saisi un couteau et aurait bless des assaillants.

I remember a woman who said, “Bo, I do my gardening every morning. And when I do, I imagine Him gardening beside me. Surrounded by the fresh air and the beauty of the flowers around me, I spend time with Him. “When I applied to the Guggenheim [more than a year ago,] I had no idea how timely my topic was about to become,” Eyal said. “In the last few months we have witnessed an unprecedented attack on experts and expertise. I hope that my Guggenheim project will make a modest contribution towards understanding why and in what ways expertise is vulnerable and how it can be defended.”.

With time of the essence, the navy blue material used by the Church Lads Cadet Brigade in St. John was resourced for the job. The odd coloured wrappings would become a badge of honor. Was a little bit of a mental break as well as a physical break and today we got right back at it, said Team Canada captain Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Could see practice was pretty intense out there. That what we need going forward here.

The article does not mention the fact that the risk of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis can significantly increase in women taking birth control pills like Yaz or yasmin, which contain drospirenone. While all birth control pills carry some risk of blot clots, the risk seems to be particularly high in women using pills like Yaz or yasmin. Yll that very interesting what you said, maybe I assumed it was the clot in the leg because it was so big and we were told that the blood thinner would keep pieces from breaking off or something like that.

He was a playboy before Playboy, even during his first marriage, when he enjoyed stag films, strip poker and group sex. His bunny obsession began with the figures that decorated a childhood blanket. Years later, a real life subspecies of rabbit on the endangered species list, in the Florida Keys, would be named for him: Sylvilagus palustris hefneri..

We conclude that any requirement for written notice of a decision of the board of appeals on an application for a comprehensive permit is directory rather than mandatory. A board failure to issue a written notice of decision within forty days after termination of the public hearing will not result in constructive approval of the permit so long as the board has reached its decision, by the required majority vote, within the specified statutory period. If the board decision must be expressed in writing within forty days to avoid constructive approval under 21, it is for the Legislature to state as such..

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20 at the Queen’s University ARC. In the junior fi nal, Regi reversed the senior result defeating, Sydenham 3 1. Munity have reason to celebrate. This morning (08/26/14), the traffic pattern was changed to only allow north and southbound traffic on Kennedy Avenue to go straight or make right turns onto 173rd Street. No left turns will be permitted from either direction of Kennedy Avenue. Motorists who normally use this route are recommended to use 169th Street for left turns.

Not a permanent removal of the HST, she points out. They done is given a rebate. It not the same as taking it off. He was f ing brilliant. He was a joy to be around. I always looked forward to seeing him. Since then we have flourished in the west end of Edinburgh forming a reputation encouraging our clients to return regularly for their eye care, bringing with them family and friends through recommendations. The present owners of McGraths are Cathy and Brian Waddell who have built up their own reputation with the help of a close knit team of staff; Ross Grant Manager, Freida Mossman Contact Lens/Dispensing Optician, Jaco Lubbe Dispensing Optician, Kari Ann Reynolds Dispensing Assistant. This state of the art lens is suitable for all existing varifocal or bifocal wearers, and includes new technology to provide maximum comfort and vision in all directions of sight.

Kwanzaa is a celebration of culture, of humanity, of triumph over struggle and of progress. A much richer discussion now about allies and what their role is than ever existed in the discussion of Kwanzaa or Black political movements, said Aden. Are always people of European descent at the Weisser Park ceremony.

Scott diaries were published all matters that fired Ellsworth polar interest. Peary meant that he had seen new land Land north of Ellesmere Island and an expedition to find this land was being organised by George Borup, supported by the Natural History Museum. Ellsworth was chosen as the third member of the expedition, with responsibility for navigation and mapping.

Once you fill up the online application form of this 90 days loan scheme, you will contact soon. But the details you will fill this must be correct because you will be contacted on the basis of this information. These details submitted can help you to have the loan within short time and in a simple manner..

Of the six stereotypes that I mentioned previously, three are seen in The Last of the Mohicans. Hawkeye is the white native guy. He was born to a white family, but after their death he was raised by Chingachgook, with Chingachgook’s son, Uncas. The protective goggles of today’s water sports are of advanced design that take into consideration refractive indices of various types of water like fresh and sea water, and provide crystal clear vision in any immersed environment. They are also inexpensive for the most part, with obvious exceptions based on brands and features. Some goggles come with a dual glass or plastic layer with a vacuum in between; this prevents fogging in cold weather and helps maintain clarity of vision.Plots And Plans: Mad Scientist Eye ProtectionLaboratory and research goggles fall in a highly specialized category; they are typically meant to protect the eye from chemical splashes, fumes and heat.

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Homebase, administered by the Department of Homeless Services, assists families in danger of losing their home before they become homeless. The Human Resources Administration can help some people pay back rent in their apartments. The city sponsored program HomeFirst helps buyers with down payment and closing costs.

According to the lawsuit filed by Minnesota, TaxMasters uses deceptive ads to lure in clients. (How many clients haven’t heard a tax relief pitch suggesting you can pay “just pennies on the dollar” to the IRS?) Once clients contact the company, high pressure telemarketers push folks to pay between $2000 and $10,000 in up front fees. Clients are promised that former IRS professionals will work on their case.

Zaire paid $10 million to host the “Rumble,” and Mobuto purged the capital city of undesirables in anticipation of international attention. Reportedly, around 1,000 criminals and homeless people were rounded up and imprisoned, with 100 of them reportedly executed as a warning to others. Mobutu’s goal was to distract the world from the horrible things he was doing to his own people.

Without a sprinkler system, no more than five people would be allowed to live in the house.[3] MSHC pursued an appeal of the city order to the Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board (board). After a hearing, the board found it undisputed that the house would be by six or more persons not within the second degree of kindred to the person conducting it, as 26H required. Specifically, the board found that MSHC intended to establish a home for ten members of Oxford House..

Even before numerous editions of Monopoly were widely licensed, there were local board variations depending on the country. Boardwalk, for example, is Mayfair in Britain, Schlossallee in Germany, Kalverstraat in the Netherlands and Rue de la Paix in France, after major streets in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. Other streets have also drawn from local geography.

While every effort has been made to include the names of all those who died in service to their country in the two World Wars, Korea and Afghanistan, we expect that inadequate records have caused us to miss some of those who should be listed here. In such cases (or if you can provide full names and ranks) please contact Rev. Canadian Expeditionary Force First World War Names From the Essar Centre Wall Aaron, William Adams, Thomas Aitken, Robert James Allan, Austin Edward Anderson, Karl John Anderson, J Archibald, William Atkins, Albert Atkinson, Charles Harold Atkinson, Joseph Atkinson, C L W Atkinson, Gordon C Atkinson, Frederick Bryan Bailey, Robert Edward Ballintine, Benjamin Barker, C Barr, Roy W Bartley, C Bateman, E Bates, Bernard Battersby, MC William Falconer Beaton, Peter Gordon Beaton, MM John Angus Beatty, George Lawrence Bellanger, R Bennett, Frank Arthur Berthiaume, Omer Bevon, H Beyer, Arthur Frederick Bishop, Pulford Bishop, T Black, George Alexander Bolduc, Joseph Telesphore Bole, Stanley Duncan Bolt, Ralph Booth, William Francis Borland, MM Darcie Oliver Brisbois, John Broadford, Robert Brown, Morris Archibald Brown, William Eberts Brown, Harry Wallon Browne, William Bussineau, George Mark Bye, Thomas Henry Cada, Michael Cameron, John Robb Campbell, Russell Clark Campbell, J T Campbell, William A Campbell, MM Wilbert John Carr, William Thomas Carroll, John Wilfred Carroll, R Carter, John Horace Chalmers, W H Chalmers, Robert Chambers, Charles Gibbon Chapman, James Ronald Cheer, Charles Alfred Russell Cheer, Gordon Clark, Isban Allen Clingersmith, Roy Coe, Thomas Elisha Cole, James Stanley Cook, Edwin Ernest Cooper, Alexander Cooper, David George Gould, S H Lasse, F Cooper, William Paul Govenlock, Thomas Edward Lavalley, Frank Corby, William Reginald Graham, George Leslie Lavigne, Alexandre Cote, H Graham, David Lavine, Edward Crawford, R G Grant, Peter MacIntosh Lawlor, Edward Crawford, Charles William Gray, William Layotte, F Crowder, Oren W Griffiths, George Alfred Leduc, Romeo Crowley, J C Grimes, James Henry Leffler, Raymond Douglas Currie, Daniel H Gudnot, P Lemaire, Wilfred Currier, Joseph Albert Hall, Percy Cameron LePage, L D’Arche, D Hall, Gordon Albert Lethbridge, George Henry Dallas, Thomas Currie Hallimond, William John Levesque, Frederic Danis, William Joseph Hamilton, Robert Hector Levie, Harold Dark, C F Hamilton, John Lewis Liddle, Herbert William Davall, Claude Hammond, Charles Leonard Lidstone, Harvey John Davy, Samuel Hancock, Matthew James Lizotte, Frank Hand, Percival Alexander Lloyd, C Dawkins, Guy Hanley, J Lonto, Michael De Morest, Rinaldo Vernon Hanna, J Louchette, F Deagynes, J Harris, C Lucas, William Henry Deeves, G Harron, John James Lucas, J Devine, E Hartman, Robert Ross MacArthur, Donald Joseph Dewes, Wilbert Hartung, August John MacDonald, Charles Somerled Diamond, J Hatten, George Ortan MacKenzie, Norman James Dobbie, Frederick Russell Hatten, Percy MacKenzie, Wallace Alexander Dobson, Gordon Howard Hawkins, G D Malkin, Edward Sutherland Dorion, Simeon Heard, C Manuel, Edward Drackley, Herbert Herr, Philip Leslie Marr, Gilbert Dube, Louis Joseph Higgins, James Edward Marsh, James Webster Duncan, G Hinton, E J Marshall, William John Duncan, John George Hodder, Ernest George Marshall, William Vernon Eberlee, George Hastings Hollenbeck, James Henry Martin, Frederick John Strange Edgar, Thomas Holmes, William Henry Martin, J Edwards, S W Hotton, Harold Victor Mason, MM Robert Nelson Ellery, William Samuel Hounsell, Wilbert J Masten, A Elliott, Henry Howitt, George Alexander Matheson, David John England, Nicholas Huband, Ernest Leonard Maxwell, MM James Arthur Erb, George Robert Hulme, George Mayor, J F Everett, Charles Frank Hunter, William Robert McAlpine, Arthur Famar Cotgrave, Montague Hunter, Clifton Alvin McCarthy, James Robert Elmer Lewis Farmar Huston, T McCoy, Joseph Stanley Famar Cotgrave, Christopher Hynes, Arthur Andrew McCulloch, Thomas William Russell Iron, L M McDonald, Daniel Leon Ferguson, Sydney John Ironside, James Simmington Wilcox McDonald, L Firth, William Jarrett, George McDonald, D Foran, T Jautras, Emile McDowell, Harry Eldon Foran, Michael James Jenkins, George John McHugh, Thomas Allen Forbes, Hubert Johnson, Joseph Edwin McKague, John Fortin, Joseph Prudent Johnston, Thomas William McKay, MM Innis Foster, H Joly, Lucien McKissock, Wilfred Earl Fowles, Stephen McDermott Jondreau, Jeremie McLaughlin, Daniel Fox, Michael Jordan, K T McLean, I Fyfe, William Clifford Jordan, J McLean, John Gagnon, R E Kelleher, MM Patrick McLeod, G Gamble, John Roy Kelly, T McMillan, Donald Gammon, George Spencer Kemp, W McMinn, Thomas Alton Garn, G Kennedy, Stuart McNab, J J Garneau, Joseph Albert Kennedy, Thomas McNabb, A Garrison, Frederick Rendell Kenshol, Delbert McNally, H George, James Kilpatrick, MM Thomas Melville McPike, James Gibb, George King, Herbert McSorely, Charles George Gibson, Clarence H King, C G McWatch, T Gilchrist, Hugh Milroy Kirby, Russell Lawrence Melcher, Frederick Gilmore, William Albert Ladyman, Alfred Milligan, W M Giverman, Albert Laing, Patrick James Stevenson Milligan, Samuel Good, Ronald Joseph Lake, Thomas Valentine Minion, Harvey Lorn Goodman, Thorsteinn Hrienn Lalonde, Hector Miron, John Leo Goodwin, Walter Lang, William Albert Miron, Lawrence W Sandford, William Edward Monaghan, Leo W Sandie, Earl Clayton Mudge, George Franklin Sauve, Azellus Murphy, Harold W Sayer, E Murray, T Sayers, James John Neilson, David MacGregor Scholar, O J Nicholas, Nathan Mansfield Scholtz, R Nichols, Frank William Randolf Scott, E C Nicholson, Charles Lorne WellerShadforth, John Edward Niganiwina, Thomas Shepherd, A O’Neill, Percy Ray Sherwood, O C Oboyle, Desmond Gladstone Shewfelt, Lorne Gibson Oldenburg, George August Shewfelt, Roy Godfrey Oldroyd, Hubert Silpola, J Oliver, William Fulton Sims, Douglas Colin Oswin, Archibald Sims, T H Ouellette, J Sinclair, William Everett Pae, Peter Richard Sinclair, Alexander Beverage Panasiuk, Vassley Sleep, William Walter Paquette, Joseph Speers, Jeb Parker, John Henry Spence, Karl Odell Parr, A Springgay, Percy Joseph Peachey, Reuben Edward Stark, William Cameron Peacock, Robert Henry Stephen, William Russel Peers, Charles Thompson Stephen, John Martin Pennell, P Stephens, L C Peters, F Stiles, George Henry Peters, Herbert Strudwick, Walter George Pettit, George Swire, DCM MM Oliver Gar Pezzutto, Louis Anthony field Picard, Chester Leo Talbot, H Pickard, William Roscoe Taylor, Edward Pifer, Percy Edwin Taylor, William Edward Pim, Michael Robert Thompson, Frank Joseph Plourde, MM Peter Thrasher, Allan Powe, Albert Ernest Traviss [Travis], William Rich Pringle, G W ardson Proctor, John Trudeau, Victor Proulx, Franklin Ambrose Trudell, Thomas Provost, Alfred Turner, G Punnett, Herbert Gordon Valenti, Joseph Quevillon, Napoleon Valley, Frank Quigley, William Ewart Valliquette, Joseph Francis Radmore, Robert VanAudenarde, Philip Rae, David R Vanzant, Thomas Roy Ralston, James Alfred Read, H Reid, Bruce Simpson Reid, E Reid, George Alexander Ribout, Fernand Honore Rice, C W Roach, Donald James Robertson, John Alexander Roddy, William Rodney, J E Rogers, H J Roscoe, David Leslie Rose, DCM Harry Roussain, James Joseph Routlege, Joseph Rowlands, Benjamin Roy, Joseph Rumley, Lorne Wallace [R] Ryan, W Ryan, P S Ryckman, John Wardell Venn, Archie Valentine Waddle, H Wagner, L B Walker, E Wallace, R Walls, Gordon Watson, Robert Way, John Hatherly Webb, R Westra, Harry Wheeler, Richard Henry Sproston Wilkes, Alfred James Wilkin, Arlif Roy Willette, Joseph Wilson, John Wilson, R Wilson, G Yamache, W Yandon, N Yates, William Clarence Young, George Irwin.